Certain wild mammals, birds and insects are classed as vermin due to the threat they pose to humans either by harming wildlife, conservation and the environment or by spreading serious diseases. Vermin have become an increasing problem in highly populated, residential areas that provide a regular source of food and shelter. The result is more frequent pest infestations in and around people’s homes. Once vermin have become a problem, they can be a challenge to remove permanently and the assistance of professional pest control is usually required for effective treatment. The following are all classed as vermin; foxes, rodents, grey squirrels, nuisance birds (seagulls and pigeons) and insect pests (ants, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, wasps and moths)

Rodent Control – Residential

Rats and mice are a common threat to residential properties. An infestation in your home is not only alarming but also poses a significant threat to you and your family –rats and mice carry serious diseases including salmonella bacteria, viruses and parasites that affect your health and contaminate your food. They can also cause structural damage to your property, gnaw through pipes and electric cables causing fires and damage furnishings.

Because rats and mice populate very quickly they can be challenging to control and eradicate once they have invaded your home. That’s why it is essential to use professional pest control services that can treat the problem, quickly and safely, eradicating your rodent infestation for good.

Effective rodent elimination requires knowledge and expertise in rodent behaviour and rodent baiting programmes.

Rat Behaviour

Rats are extremely cautious around new food and bait and will test safety by only consuming small amounts at any time. They are habitual animals, using familiar routes to and from food in your house and leaving clear signs of activity that provide perfect baiting locations.

Mice Behaviour

Mice are much more nosey than rats and love investigating new objects which makes it easier to attract them to baiting containers. They tend to feed from several different locations, consuming a small amount of food at each place to prevent consuming too much food that might be unsafe.

Rodent Baiting Programmes

Rodenticides are commonly used for baiting outside of properties to protect humans and non-target animals from rodenticide exposure, however there are a range of formulations that are suitable for using within the home within baiting containers.

At TPS, our technicians are trained in rodent behaviour and will offer a tailored solution that effectively targets and treats your infestation. We will plan and execute a rodent baiting programme that includes using a rodenticide that is suitable and safe for use within a home and ensuring rodenticide is restricted to baiting containers to prevent the risk of exposure to humans and non-target animals. After treatment, we will continue to conduct scheduled visits to monitor and prevent further rodent activity.