Foxes have become a common site in highly populated urban areas and residential gardens across the country as they often provide better opportunities for foxes to find food and shelter than the surrounding countryside. This has resulted in a number of problems for people including domestic pets being preyed on and gardens being dug up and destroyed. Unhealthy foxes also carry organisms responsible for contagious diseases including mange (scabies) which can be transferred to humans and distemper, a virus that can be fatal in dogs and other pets.

Once a fox has become a problem in your garden, the only way to resolve it is to dispose of the fox permanently. Some methods of eradication including poisoning and hunting are illegal and the Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996 also protects foxes against ill treatment or abuse. That’s why enlisting the services of professional pest control is the best way to ensure foxes are removed in a legitimate way without unnecessary suffering to the animal.

At TPS, our technicians are trained to use the two most effective method of capturing and disposing of foxes.


While it’s fun to watch some species of bird enjoying your garden, nuisance birds such as seagulls and pigeons can cause significant problems in a residential environment. Flocking in large groups to protect themselves from common predators such as dogs, cats and rats only compounds their destructive force.

Their frequent fouling will ruin the look of your property, create slippery and dangerous surfaces that cause safety concerns and spread diseases including salmonella, e.coli and psittacosis that adversely affect you and your family’s health. Pigeons and seagulls also carry parasites such as ticks, fleas and bird mites that can spread to you and your pets.

If nuisance birds have roosted on your property, they won’t move without appropriate action, that’s why it is essential to call in professional pest control who can resolve your bird problem quickly and safely, whilst also ensuring you don’t experience any further bird issues.

Grey Squirrel

Grey squirrels are a common site in residential areas because they prefer the broadleaved woodlands that commonly feature in gardens and parks. While they can coexist peacefully with people in urban areas, they have been known to move into people’s homes and cause significant issues.

They damage lofts and guttering, gnaw through cables causing fires, leave droppings that cause health problems, spread fleas to family pets and make loud scratching noises that disturb the peaceful enjoyment of your home. These unwanted house guests are also notoriously difficult to evict which is why professional pest control is necessary to eliminate them from your property, prevent them from coming back and ensure new families of squirrels don’t replace them.

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