A pest problem at home is a common occurrence. Pests tend to frequent places that cater for their needs including easy access to food, water and shelter, which makes your home the perfect place to set up residence. While you can take preventative action by ensuring you don’t readily supply their basic needs, once they have infiltrated your home most pests are extremely hard to get rid of – rats, mice, cockroaches and bed bugs multiply at an alarming rate; many pests can survive without food for long periods; and they hide in hard to get to cracks and crevices – all of which presents challenges for eradication.

Pests carry and transmit diseases, viruses and parasites and while they reside in your home, you and your family are exposed to significant health risks from droppings and contaminated food. Rats, mice and grey squirrels can also damage the structure of your property and gnaw through pipes and electric cables causing fires.

At TPS, we offer professional pest control services that resolve pest problem quickly, safely and discreetly, with minimum disruption to residents. After conducting preliminary investigations to identify the type and level of pest infestation, we provide an effective treatment programme that eliminates target pests while ensuring the protection of humans and non-target animals. After successful treatment, we continue to monitor activity to prevent further infestations and offer expert advice and guidance to stop the problem happening again.

Our services include:

  • Investigation and diagnosis of type and level of pest infestation
  • Tailored treatment programmes that target and eradicate pests
  • Follow up visits to monitor; treat and control infestations
  • Fully qualified and accredited technicians
  • Fast response to urgent pest problems