A pest problem in a school, college or university poses significant health and safety issues and can cause large scale disruption. Depending on the type and level of pest infestation, staff and pupils can be exposed to serious diseases, viruses and parasites that quickly become widespread. The risk of contaminated food can lead to non-compliance with health and safety regulations and result in forced closure. Damage caused to the structure of buildings, pipes and cables can also increase the risk of fires and personal injury. That’s why it is essential for all educational environments to have a proper pest prevention and treatment programme in place.

At TPS, we offer tailored solutions that control and eradicate target pests quickly and discreetly while at the same time, protecting the health of staff, pupils and the environment. Younger children are more sensitive to pesticides and may be prone to exploring contaminated areas and putting their hands in their mouths, that’s why all bait stations are tamper proof and regularly use fixed blocks or gels to prevent spillage.

We work in partnership with schools and can integrate with any existing pest management plan and school management activities including preventative maintenance and caretaking practices to protect against the threat of pests and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Over the years we have worked with many schools, colleges and universities, helping them to plan and execute an effective pest control management plan.

Our services include:

  • Advising schools on preventative measures and suitable methods of control
  • Inspecting buildings on a routine schedule and reporting on the levels of pest infestation
  • Completing Risk Assessment Methods Statements (RAMS) prior to commencing treatment to assess potential dangers and ensure all necessary precautions are taken
  • Organising and undertaking a programme of treatments using pest control equipment or chemicals to control and eliminate target pests
  • Undertaking pest control treatments outside out of school hours
  • Report on all inspections undertaken, detailing the programme of treatments and chemicals used on the premises to maintain health and safety.