The last thing you want to deal with when running a business is a pest infestation. Pests can cause significant issues in a business, causing damage to premises, risking the health and safety of employees and customers and negatively affecting your reputation and bottom line. That’s why it’s important to look out for the warning signs of a pest infestation and act quickly to eradicate the problem.


Rodents can be a common concern both in commercial premises and residential properties. Like many pests, rodents tend to avoid humans and frequently set up home in areas that are out of sight such as roofs and walls of buildings. Most rodent activity occurs at night when they will move from their XXX to feeding areas inside your property. Rats are creatures of habits and tend to follow the same route to an already established feeding point, whereas mice tend to have several different feeding areas which they go to sporadically, eating a small amount of food from each. As they move around your property, they leave a trail of potentially harmful bacteria and droppings on floors, tables and anything else that is in their path.

Rodents can also cause significant damage to your property. Their front incisor teeth grow continuously which leads them to gnaw on doors, plaster, cables and electrical wires. As a result, damage is not just cosmetic and can lead to severe damage of your equipment that affects your business operation and even to fires.

Warning signs that you may have a rodent issue include droppings, damage to the bottom of doors (from scratching and gnawing) and damage to electrical wires and cables. You can also listen out for sounds in the roof and walls during the day and night. Lastly the most obvious sign is actually seeing a rodent scurrying around your premises. If you spot any of these signs it’s important to immediately call in professional pest control – rodents populate quickly and left untreated the problem will only escalate – increasing the threat to health and safety and risking non-compliance with regulations.  


A cockroach problem can pose a number of threats to your business. The scavengers of the pest world, they eat anything from packaging, plastics, human food to book covers and leather which left untreated can cause significant damage and prove very costly. Cockroaches also carry several diseases such as dysentery, gastroenteritis and typhoid which can be spread to people. For industries that handle food a cockroach infestation may result in a serious food contamination risk and could lead to breaches of health and safety regulations that result in closure.

One issue businesses face in relation to cockroaches is that it is often difficult to identify an infestation. Spotting one scurrying around your premises is likely to be only the tip of the iceberg as there could be hundreds or more living out of sight inside your walls. Cockroaches tend to hide away from site in dark moist places such as underneath heavy furniture or inside tiny cracks and crevices in your building. They also multiply quickly and can survive for long periods without food which only exacerbates the problem.

Warning signs of a cockroach problem include physical damage to items within your building and actually spotting a cockroach itself. As an infestation is difficult to identify, it is advisable that pest control inspections are conducted at regular intervals throughout the year so that a problem can be identify and treated quickly and future preventative action can be taken.


Ant infestations are another problem that can be difficult to identify in your business premises. They often hide behind walls and are even known to build nests there. They tend to operate in a covert fashion, with most activity occurring at night and away from human eyes. Similarly to cockroaches, there may not be any obvious signs that they are living on your premises unless you happen to spot them in a group potentially searching for food.

Ants generally prefer habitats that are moist and dark including cupboards and inside walls. Warning signs of an ant infestation include spotting ants especially around windows and doors, spotting debris or faeces produced by ants which presents as piles of sawdust or wood shavings and hearing a dry rustling sound as this is an indication of an active colony.

As ant infestations can be difficult to identify so it is a good idea to have regular pest inspections.

At Technical Pest Solutions our highly trained pest controllers will use their experience and expertise to investigate and identify potential pest problems on your premises and provide a tailored treatment programme that eradicates the problem. We will also conduct regular inspections to ensure your business remains pest-free.