When it comes to using biologically active chemicals to treat pest infestations, it is essential to use the optimum size droplet. Large droplets will not carry through the air to effectively target insects whereas droplets that are too small (less than 5 microns) tend to be deflected and miss target insects.

The optimum droplets size is 15 microns. Conventional high volume sprayers and thermal foggers only produce a small fraction of particle within the optimum range whereas ULV sprayers can be calibrated to produce the optimum size droplet, ensuring the even application of a lower volume of insecticide.

Why UVL Sprayers are the method of choice:

  • Use a high volume of air at low pressure to generate the optimum size droplet
  • Provide good penetration of insecticides into harborages, cracks and crevices which flushes out insects into contact with more insecticide.
  • Require the minimum volume of insecticide to produce a desired outcome
  • Treats the entire area – insects cannot avoid being hit by insecticide droplets
  • Does not stain or leave deposits so it is ideal for use where other insecticide applications methods are unsuitable
  • Application is extremely fast – an average size room can be treated in ten seconds and re-entered after an hour.
  • Can be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other applications, for instance residual insecticide or baiting programmes used to target and control crawling insects such as cockroaches.

At TPS, our qualified technicians are trained to use UVL sprayers, resolve your pest infestations quickly, safely and with the minimum disruption.

ULV Spraying is suitable for use in the following environments:


Prisons, hotels, commercial kitchens, police stations, factories, libraries, waste sites, manholes, underground sewer holes, zoos ship holds, trains, buses, freight containers, warehouses, schools, colleges and farms.

Homes, garages, sheds and lofts.

ULV Spraying