At TPS, we safeguard homes and businesses across London, Essex and the surrounding areas from all types of pests. We pride ourselves on our rapid response and detection of infestations, superior knowledge of pest behaviour and wide range of innovative treatments that ensure pests are eradicated quickly, safely and with minimum disruption to your home or business.

Trained Technicians with Extensive Knowledge of Pest Behaviour and Leading Industry Treatments

At TPS, we ensure all our technicians are trained to the highest level. Having a thorough understanding of the behaviour and biology of pests and leading industry treatments allows us to plan and execute the most effective pest control programme for your requirements.

Tailored Solutions to Meet your Home or Business Requirements

We recognise that every pest problem is unique, that’s why our technicians conduct extensive investigations to ascertain the type and level of pest infestation and consider the individual environmental challenges of each home or business before determining the correct pest prevention or treatment programme.

Rapid Response, Detection and Treatment

We pride ourselves on our rapid response to all pest problems. We ensure every infestation is detected quickly and accurately and effective pest control solutions are provided immediately.

A Dedicated In-House Team Guarantees Exceptional Service and Results

All our pest control services are handled by a dedicated in-house team. This ensures all our work is completed to high standards of Health and Safety, quality and environmental compliance.

A High Quality, Effective Service that Protects the Environment and Health of Residents

We recognise that some pest control treatments have the potential to negatively impact on the environment and harm the health of residents and take all necessary precautions to ensure all treatments are administered safely.

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